Even though Marketing Cloud Growth Edition just launched in February, it’s already receiving a ton of new features as part of the Salesforce Summer ‘24 release! I feel like this will be par for the course for Growth Edition and I personally cannot wait to see what this application will be able to do by Dreamforce. Below are just a few of the highlights coming to Growth Edition in the upcoming release. 

Updated Flow Functionality

Flow functionality for Growth Edition is, well, growing as part of the Summer ‘24 release. Users can now create Marketing Consent records directly from form fills, set criteria for when records should exit a Flow, and check for and manage duplicates. Data Graph attributes can also be pulled in, allowing Marketers to work with related objects within their Flow logic. 

Cross Object Personalization

Personalize your marketing assets with data from related objects! If you’ve ever wanted to pull in a Record’s Account Owner’s information or their most recent Opportunity details to personalize your marketing asset, you’ve likely experienced how this is a more complex ask than most people think. However, with the help of Data Cloud Data Graphs, Marketers can now add other objects and fields as related attributes and then use those attributes as merge fields within the Flow.

Work More Efficiently With Campaigns

Campaigns continue to be a central part of any Marketing initiative. With the Summer ‘24 release, Growth Edition is getting a few new functionalities that will make working with Campaigns even more seamless. Users can now add templated flows to campaigns, easily preview and test campaign content, and quickly send communications to Campaign members. 

Brand Guidelines are Generally Available

One of my favorite features of Growth Edition, Brand Guidelines, is moving from Beta to Generally Available. With this move, Marketers can now specify new aspects of their branding, such as spacing, borders, and text formatting. Marketers can also view how their branding will look within assets while configuring their guidelines. Separate Brand Guidelines can also be created for Desktop and Mobile versions of Landing Pages to ensure a great viewing experience no matter the device. 

Engagement and Fit Scoring

Engagement Scoring in Growth Edition can now be customized to fit your company’s needs. The updated scoring functionality allows you to add your own Engagement Score Rules (up to 30) and add or subtract points when a record meets a rule. Fit Scoring is also being introduced as part of this update. Fit Scoring is similar to Account Engagement Grading, whereas its goal is to tell Marketing and Sales how closely the individual and their company matches the ideal client persona. Fit Scoring rules can be added for the individual and/or their Account. 

Again, this is just some of Marketing Cloud Growth Edition’s Summer ‘24 features. If you’re interested in using Growth Edition, I highly recommend reading through the full notes to see the long list of features coming your way!

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