Are you ready to ignite your digital marketing efforts? The collaboration between Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Advertising Audiences, both powerful tools in their own right, will skyrocket your success in digital marketing. In this blog post, we’ll show you how Account Engagement and Advertising are powerful tools when they’re coupled with one another.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Account Engagement is the Salesforce B2B marketing automation software. Its main uses are account-based marketing, cross-channel campaigns, and lead generation. And though it does so much more than that to optimize your marketing efforts and provide out-of-this-world analytics, it cannot help you run your digital advertising campaigns. 

Marketing Cloud Advertising

Advertising Audiences, powered by Marketing Cloud Advertising, seamlessly integrates with online advertising platforms, including social media, Google Ads, and more, to target your Prospects specifically. It enables marketers to easily reach existing customers, generate new leads, suppress a subset of Prospects, and re-engage. 

This all sounds great, right? Absolutely! But wouldn’t it be cool if your advertising efforts were linked to your marketing automation efforts? 

Why should I connect Account Engagement with Advertising Audiences?

That’s easy! Pairing these tools can help you to automate your processes, improve cross-channel campaigns, and expand your footprint. Who doesn’t want this for their business?

Automate Processes

Getting leads from social media campaigns is often a manual process of exporting and importing. Bleh! Who has time for that? With this integration,  you can automate lead transfers directly from your social media and paid ad campaigns to Account Engagement. This also lessens the chance of human error and ensures that you are staying within legal guidelines at a global level.

Improve Campaigns

There are many digital touchpoints: email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Ads, etc. With Account Engagement and Advertising Audiences, you can unite all of these touch points into a centralized hub and be able to track and report on them seamlessly. This combo gives you a more accurate preview of sources and measures of what is and isn’t working for your company. It also allows you to use first-party data to create and target lookalike audiences, improving your chances of getting new leads.

Expand Your Footprint

When running campaigns via media buys and email, you can now target and re-engage inactive Prospects, target Prospects based on behavior, and enable exclusions based on data, demographics, or purchase history. And this is all done in real time. Does this not seem like a great return on investment?

I’m ready to launch Advertising and Account Engagement. How do I make this happen?

The setup can be cumbersome and often requires work with a Salesforce Partner, but it’s quite straightforward if you are comfortable in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

The good news is that it’s done once it is in place. It’s all about building new audiences or tweaking existing audiences from then on. 

You will need access to Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, and Marketing Cloud Advertising to get started. You will also need to ensure that all connectors are active. 

Here’s a high-level look at what it takes to get this launched:

Sales Cloud

Create a Salesforce Campaign

Build a Salesforce Report

Account Engagement

Build automation(s) to populate your audience(s):

Automation Rule

Page Actions

Completion Actions

Engagement Studio

Advertising Audiences

Generate a Data Import

Create an Automation

Build your Audience

If you are ready to expand your digital footprint, the obvious next step is having all the tools you need at your fingertips. The power of Account Engagement combined with Advertising Audiences is among the most effective tools. 

To learn more about the implementation process, click here. Need help? Contact Sercante to learn more.

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