Since the announcement of Marketing Cloud Growth Edition on February 20th, we’ve been digging into the features of this new product as well as listening closely to the community’s questions about Growth. We’ve compiled the most common questions from Salesforce webinars, Slack communities, our internal team, and our clients. Use this Marketing Cloud Growth FAQ list to get answers to all your questions in one place. 

Answers to all of your Marketing Cloud Growth questions

Here’s a list of the most common questions about Marketing Cloud Growth Edition that we’ve seen.

What is Marketing Cloud Growth Edition?

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition is a new marketing automation platform from Salesforce. Built on the Einstein 1 platform (also known as “Core”), Growth allows you to build multi-channel campaigns with Data Cloud, personalize marketing assets with Experience Cloud, and automate journeys with Flow. Growth also includes AI and out-of-the-box content approval processes. 

Is Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and/or Engagement being retired?

This is the most common question we’ve heard so far and the resounding answer is No, Engagement and Account Engagement are not being retired. Marketing Cloud Growth Edition is another option for organizations that want to bring their marketing operations into Salesforce. If you’re a current Engagement or Account Engagement user, you’ll eventually have the option to use Growth alongside your current platform, but Engagement and Account Engagement will continue to have their own robust product roadmaps. 

Who is Marketing Cloud Growth’s target customer?

Currently, Salesforce is recommending Marketing Cloud Growth Edition for B2B SMB customers. This is based on the functionality now, which is more focused on B2B SMB use cases (such as capturing leads, sending leads on journeys with email and SMS, automating notifications sales and service). In future releases, Growth’s features will expand to support B2C and larger organizations.

Which Salesforce Clouds does Marketing Cloud Growth Edition work with?

Marketing Cloud Growth is an add-on to Sales and Service Cloud Enterprise Edition (EE) and Unlimited Edition (UE)

Is this the direction the Marketing Cloud platform is going? All bundled within Core?

Salesforce is absolutely working to build Marketing Cloud services and applications that are near/in the Einstein 1 platform (Core). This path allows marketers to get fluid access to customer data across the CRM, and other clouds connected to Einstein 1 can access marketing data, experiences, and services.

Is Marketing Cloud Growth Edition an add-on to Data Cloud? Can customers purchase it without Data Cloud?

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition requires Data Cloud, and Marketing Profiles in Growth include the credits necessary to market to them.

What volume of sends does Growth include?

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition includes 180K emails/yr. Additional email sends can be purchased at $10 per 1k messages.

Does MC Growth consume super messages for email and SMS?

Growth has different entitlements, emails and SMS do not consume super messages.

Can clients with their own data warehouses use Marketing Cloud Growth? 

Yes, Growth and the Einstein 1 platform are built on top of Data Cloud, which means they can connect to your data wherever it lives.

What is the setup of Marketing Cloud Growth like? Is the intention to have customers install and do everything themselves?

The intention is to reduce the amount of energy spent on behalf of the customer to get to where they need consultants. Simply put, Marketing Cloud Growth has very good defaults and a streamlined setup process, but there is still value to be added by consultants.

Can you configure marketing asset branding/brand standards within Marketing Cloud Growth?

Yes! Growth currently includes a beta Brand Center that lets you specify brand colors, typography, and button styling that can be applied to your marketing assets. If your brand standards are later updated, any marketing assets using that brand will also be updated. 

Are any Marketing Cloud Growth features available in Account Engagement?

Yes, the first Growth feature available for Account Engagement is the new Lightning Email editing experience released in Spring ‘24.

Can Growth personalize messages based upon the individual record? 

You can insert merge fields connected to the Unified Individual into emails for personalization. Watch for additional personalization capabilities with upcoming releases.

Does Data Cloud segment creation mean that SQL Query in Marketing Cloud will become a thing of the past?

Yes, clicks-not-code is the idea. Growth includes prompts to help marketers build the appropriate filters in the segmentation builder, but you can also start from scratch within the builder. 

Does SMS support emojis?


Will SMS have the same process around provisioning and approvals as MC Engagement?

There are two SMS code options available in Marketing Cloud Growth Edition. The short code option follows the same provisioning process that exists today for Marketing Cloud Engagement. There is also a self-serve option called a 10 Digital Long Code.

What was Sercante’s involvement in the launch of Marketing Cloud Growth Edition?

Two of Sercante’s product directors participated in the Marketing Cloud Growth Pilot. We were also the first partner to be provisioned a Growth Edition Partner Org. We used it to provide feedback, documentation help, and FAQs to the development team.

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