PathFactory partnered with GTM Partners, a data-driven go-to-market analyst firm, to gain a deeper understanding into how existing and previous customers leverage PathFactory and measure its benefits. According to actual customers, PathFactory is being used across the entire buyer journey from top-of-funnel marketing,  to  ABM,  through  the  sales  cycle  and  supporting customer adoption and retention. The value can be experienced by the entire Go-to-Market team. At a time where budgets are shrinking and marketers are trying to be resourceful with their investments, it’s critical to have a solution that can drive engagement at every stage of the buyer journey.

“PathFactory fills a clear gap in your martech stack”

The entire Marketing team including the content team, the demand team, and marketing leaders (VP & CMO) will all benefit from the customized buying journey, intelligence data, and organization of content that PathFactory can provide. When your GTM teams have a feature-rich visualization of content and tracking, they can gain insight into your market, your pipeline, and your customer’s journey that helps them forecast and increase efficiency.

“[PathFactory provides] Clear and fast payback across Demand Gen, ABM, and customer programs”

Sales will love that their teams can benefit from PathFactory’s ability to generate quality pipeline and get access to key insights that allow them to guide their deals to close as efficiently as possible.

“We increased customer adoption by 4.5x and drove over 100K personalized experiences.”

Customer teams will appreciate being able to tailor experiences to their accounts, while also tracking engagement with their champions. As the journey of the customer progresses, customer teams can use the data to assess risk of churning, or opportunities for expansion. Thanks to PathFactory, customer teams will finally be able to utilize the vast amount of marketing resources that are typically created for the Sales teams.

Overall, PathFactory has proven itself to deliver a great experience to current and B2B buyers, as well as provide the Go-to-Market teams with real-time data that can drive efficiency and reduce acquisition and retention costs.

Learn more about GTM Perspectives and read the entire PathFactory prospectus here.

GTM Perspectives are third-party validated assessments of Go-to-Market Vendor Solutions that are primarily focused on how to get the most out of an investment in technology.  Centered around use cases (as opposed to vendor stack ranking), these guides are intended to provide readers with a data-driven analysis of what problems the solution is intended to solve and how well it delivers on those promises.

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